Thursday, April 2, 2009

Totally Random.

1. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Ketel One Vodka and Red Bull...I'm a sucker for the caffeine infused buzz.

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Really good Iced tea with lemon.

3. Favorite Place to Visit: (I don't travel enough to answer this but anyway) Beachy places.

4. Favorite Breakfast Food: I'm partial to ommlettes.

5. Favorite Vehicle: Volkswagens. I would LOVE a decked out 2008 Jetta.

6. Favorite Fast Food Spot: McD's. I heart Big Mac's like a kid loves Chuck E. Cheese.

7. Favorite Shoes: Flops. I entertain the idea that I love cute shoes, but realize I buy them and rarely wear them.

8. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Its fantabulous.

9. Favorite Thing to do in my Free Time: Read.

10. Favorite Snack/Junk Food: Salty: cheetos Sweet: just about anything involving chocolate.

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