I'm a left-handed girl living in this right-handed world.  I like to blame my clumsy ways on this fact....think about it, the world is right-handed centric. Lefties unite!

I was raised in a working class city near Cincinnati, Ohio.  I currently live in Suburbia a bit farther north.

I have one fantastic husband (aka: husband) who has brought two adorable daughters (Kiddo is 9, Little One is 5) into my life.  We have had enough baby-mama drama for a couple seasons of Maury, no joke.  For reals, read more about the youngest here and the oldest here.

It seems like biology may be getting the best of me lately. I never pictured myself having a baby, but knows what will happen.  It has made for some interesting rambling on, read more here.

I generally write about nothing whatsoever.  Sometimes I voice internal arguments with myself but I mostly ramble about my average Midwestern existence and general "what does it all mean/where am I going in this life" babble.  Sometimes baby mama drama makes an appearance an occasionally I dabble in interior design talk...although it's mostly just talk.  Especially since I have champagne taste and a beer budget.  Like sh*tty domestic beer too. Gross.  Lately I've been on a wine kick. Drinking from a fancy glass makes me feel.....well, fancy.  Why is this pertinent? It isn't, unless you want to buy me a drink. Or a box o' wine, perhaps?


If it sounds like a good time to you, make me feel special and leave a comment. Or if you really want to give me a big head, you can always follow along.  Thanks for stopping by.


Obligatory iPhone self portrait