Monday, June 2, 2008


Some people really just bust by balls, drive me up the wall.  These include, but are not limited to:

Girls that try too hard to be everything to everyone.  Its impossible so quit while you are ahead.

Girls who are complete drunken whores.  Have some goddamn self-respect.  Its one thing to drink and have a good time, its another to be known as the drunk and/or easy one.

Basically, girls who are any of the following: crazy, melodramatic, complete idiots when it comes to dealing with guys, uber bitches all the time for no reason and those who think they are god's gift to the human race.  Get over yourself and realize no one is perfect, not even you with your orange-glo tan, ridiculously overpriced handbag w/matching wallet and designer sunglasses.  There is more to life than material possessions, they do not make you who you are, unless, I suppose you are shallow and vain.

People that are friends with you when its convenient for them.  Also known as people who call you up to tell you every detail of their relationship/life happenings but when you try and talk, they immediately zone out and then revert to talking incessantly about themselves.  I've had so many of these in the past two years....those who I still talk to on a pretty regular basis are the good people in my life, the rest of your I could have done without.

People (mostly seen done by girls...see a pattern forming?) who are sooooooo happy with their lives they can't help but tell you by updating their myspace/facebook/AIM status 20 times a day saying how much they love their life.  If you love it so much, let it show, don't blatantly tell people....unless that's what it takes to convince yourself your so fucking happy (?)

Christians who refuse to even acknowledge other spiritual preferences as equal to theirs.  Fucking elitists.

Bad drivers.  Go back to drivers education classes.

Sometimes a girl just needs an old-fashioned bitchfest blog.