Monday, September 28, 2009


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TAT: Facebook faux pas

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If you don't know me, I was recently married. We got engaged on Christmas and married in August 29, 2009. Like most 20something's in this country, my online networking sites validate life's changes, so I was quick to change my relationship status on good old Facebook.

About 4 months ago, an ex-roommate I pretty much avoid contact with because she is bat-shit crazy (and not in a good way) re-friended me on Facebook.

Yes I said re-friended. She randomly deleted me on both Facebook and Myspace a while ago. For no apparent reason. Like I said, CRAZY in a very bad way.

I approve her, after giving her crap for deleting me and then wanting to be friends again, she says if she deleted me (which she did, I don't care enough to delete people) it was on accident. Riiiight.

A month goes by, and then I get the "OMG your engaged?!" comment to which I respond,

Then about a month before the wedding, I get this lovely exchange from her:

HER: So how did he propose? Was it romantic and sweet? I'm sure ---- will be clumsy and drop the ring lol

ME:It was cute...he was acting pretty strange so I sort of knew something was up.

This is all I say because I don't feel like sharing a very private moment of ours with her let alone my facebook wall.

HER: Ha ha. -----took me to look at rings. Thats the romance i get. I had a ring all picked out but when they told me it was over $4000 I said hell no I'm not paying that much for metal. His family suggested a pawn shop since first marriages never last

GOOD INTENTIONED MUTUAL FRIEND: wow ----, way to be optimistic lol

At this point, I'm pretty baffled when I see this. Who says things like that to someone who is getting married in a month?! I wasn't sure what to do....let it lie or respond...I contemplate and an hour later respond:

ME: Seriously. He's stuck with me forever, no matter what...that's just part of it to us, working through rough spots and stuff.

Point-blank why I choose not to have this woman in my life anymore. She also texted me on Sunday (which was my 25th birthday):

Happy Birthday! Your a quarter of a century old!

Yes, thanks for the I haven't heard that 25 times in the past week.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dress at last.

I just remembered I promised photos of my bought-ten-days-before-the-wedding-off-the-rack wedding dress. So here we go:

Trying to not drag my train all over the place....and I just realized I didn't get one good picture of it. Oh well.

My new lil family

Old-school hometown girls.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vacation Obsessed.

We spent the 7 days post-wedding with this as our back (actually it was more like side, but you get the picture) yard. I had been very excited about the trip, but I still never considered myself a "beach" person.

Until now.

I am consumed with the planning of a return trip we are going to take next spring. Even though its far away. And I know it won't be the exact same because it won't be immediately following our wedding, but I'm hoping it will be just as awesome, if not a bit better since it won't be their rainy season. (It never rained for an entire day, but it rained every day at some point, hence the awesome price of the condo we stayed in.)

I'm not sure if this is goes to show just how much we dislike our jobs or just how badly we needed a vacation. I can be a pretty high strung individual, but give me 2 to 3 beach vacations in a year, and I think I would be A-ok.

I had been warned about post-wedding I would be so sad that it was all over. Wedding-wise I couldn't be happier it is all over. I hated wedding planning. The wedding day itself was awesome, and yes, if I could replay it just once, that would be cool. I am however quite bummed the honeymoon trip is over....but the silver lining is the blissful we-just-got-married tone of our lives right now. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before...i sort of reminds me of those first 6 months of dating, minus the anxious "do they really like me" feelings, but that doesn't really sum it up either.

It is just so strange knowing I'm going to go gray with this guy...I mean, we put it in ink and everything (completely his idea, no joke):

PS- Tattooing slightly sunburned skin is a SUPER bad idea, but what can ya do when your new hubby wants matching tattoo's with your wedding date? Oh and I changed the look around here just because a little change sometimes can do ya good :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009


August 29, 2009 was the perfect August day. It was sunny with no humidity and I think the temperature might have reached 75 degrees. I woke up suddenly at 7am and jumped out of bed with the perfect words to fix the beginning of my vows,
"So if you haven't heard, today's our wedding day...." it went perfectly with the rest.

Things went wrong, as they always do.... we never took our after ceremony walk like I wanted to, the pizza pans I bought for the buffet were too small, and we forgot to get cake cutters and serving things but those aren't the things I remember when I think about the day.

I think about his face when we saw each other for the first time in the courtyard before guests arrived, with our families peeking out the windows and hearing their collective "awwwwww" when Luke got choked up.

I remember my dad and I standing in the atrium waiting to walk in, as some of my oldest friends were arriving a bit late and as they pass my dad leans over and says, "so-and-so really put on some weight!" and I had to shush him.

I think about pulling my new husband into the auditorium because a song I really loved was on and even though neither of us really likes dancing (we cut our "first dance" off after about 45 seconds) we swayed as I rested my head on his shoulder. All I could think in that moment was:

This is it. We did it. It's our wedding.

It was amazing.