Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TAT: Facebook faux pas

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If you don't know me, I was recently married. We got engaged on Christmas and married in August 29, 2009. Like most 20something's in this country, my online networking sites validate life's changes, so I was quick to change my relationship status on good old Facebook.

About 4 months ago, an ex-roommate I pretty much avoid contact with because she is bat-shit crazy (and not in a good way) re-friended me on Facebook.

Yes I said re-friended. She randomly deleted me on both Facebook and Myspace a while ago. For no apparent reason. Like I said, CRAZY in a very bad way.

I approve her, after giving her crap for deleting me and then wanting to be friends again, she says if she deleted me (which she did, I don't care enough to delete people) it was on accident. Riiiight.

A month goes by, and then I get the "OMG your engaged?!" comment to which I respond,

Then about a month before the wedding, I get this lovely exchange from her:

HER: So how did he propose? Was it romantic and sweet? I'm sure ---- will be clumsy and drop the ring lol

ME:It was cute...he was acting pretty strange so I sort of knew something was up.

This is all I say because I don't feel like sharing a very private moment of ours with her let alone my facebook wall.

HER: Ha ha. -----took me to look at rings. Thats the romance i get. I had a ring all picked out but when they told me it was over $4000 I said hell no I'm not paying that much for metal. His family suggested a pawn shop since first marriages never last

GOOD INTENTIONED MUTUAL FRIEND: wow ----, way to be optimistic lol

At this point, I'm pretty baffled when I see this. Who says things like that to someone who is getting married in a month?! I wasn't sure what to do....let it lie or respond...I contemplate and an hour later respond:

ME: Seriously. He's stuck with me forever, no matter what...that's just part of it to us, working through rough spots and stuff.

Point-blank why I choose not to have this woman in my life anymore. She also texted me on Sunday (which was my 25th birthday):

Happy Birthday! Your a quarter of a century old!

Yes, thanks for the I haven't heard that 25 times in the past week.

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NINA said...

I also had a friend who deleted me more than 5 times in facebook, well, obviously she wasn't a good friend at all...

feel free to post your link in my blog.
i have a mc linky there while tova is away.