Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I got bored at work and this is what came of it. Oh and I definitely stole the hair-do pictures from a random person on Flickr. I searched "wedding hair" and it came up and I really really like the 'do. Sort of creepy but hey, that's what happens when you put pictures online for anyone to see. Maybe someday someone will steal a picture from this blog even...hah!

The dress, veil, shoes, flowers and brooch are all mine...well, the dress isn't in my possession, but will be eventually...and I really like the necklace and I'll probably buy it soon. The face is what I hope the achieve make-up wise. The shoes are my sister's from her wedding...I'll probably only wear them for the ceremony and then go barefoot or get some cute flats. the brooch was my Grandma Lane's which we are going to figure out a way to put it in my hair. Bouquet was made a while ago and a bought the veil in February from Etsy.

Woo wedding. I don't despise it so much today for some reason. I'm actually a bit excited.


Tabs said...

make-up=totally doable, with mostly stuff i already have.

we do need to sephora soon.

Emmalane said...

Yeah I am thinking the same thing about Sephora.