Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night a couple Fiance and I are friends with were in town and I met up with them for a beer or two. I thought it was nice they called me since Fiance is out of town til Sunday, and I won't lie, I don't especially like being all alone at home for more than a day. Guy friend of the couple even bought me a beer, it was sweet. Then, out of no where, we were talking about the wedding. I didn't even bring it up. He did. Once the topic had passed, all I could think is "did that just happen?"

Someone else brought up my wedding and began volunteering plans and ideas. It was so bizarre, especially since it was the male part of the couple...which is probably because the female part is one of my bridesmaids and she knows when I need to talk about things I do, but that isn't very often lately.

I've been continuing planning, albeit quietly. We are gathering addresses. Fiance has a list of people I don't know well enough to have their numbers or see them regularly that he's in charge of getting addresses for to me. We made arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, I've chosen a pattern for the flower girls dresses and I'm getting swatches of the bridesmaids dresses this weekend so we can match the colors. The photo of the cake I want has been sent to my future mother in law and she said consider it done. The Bridal Shower is semi-scheduled along with the Bacholorette and we decided to start working on formatting the invites next week. That was all accomplished this past weekend....this is what's already done.....
Ceremony music is chosen. We aren't doing "favors" because I truly feel they are a huge waste of money and resources. My dress is ordered, along with with my bridesmaids too. I have my veil and ideas about my hair. I'm on my hairstylist's calendar and she's willing to come to me as long as she does the maids hair as well. I'm borrowing my sister's shoes for the ceremony, and I'll probably find cute flip flops for after. My bouquet along with my girls and the flower girl baskets are done and we have all the materials for the man flowers and mom/g-ma corsages. The centerpieces are planned, just need assembled closer to the wedding. Honeymoon is half paid for and the flight is completely paid for. We have a ride to the airport arranged and I'm working on getting a car highly discounted/free rental for the week down there from a friend who's husband works for Enterprise. The photographer is almost paid off.

We still need to work out the logistics of the food and flatware. We also need to sit down and spend an afternoon at his parents burning cds to put on my laptop for music. I need to go buy new makeup. We need to work out the ceremony....because he doesn't like it at all and I'm not happy with it the way it is either. We need to get Fiance a wedding band; he bought mine as a set. Fiance needs to work out what the men folk are wearing, but that is all on him :)

I'm just over stressing about the wedding because really, its just a day. Nothing will go exactly as planned and I'm more concerned with savoring it and enjoying it than keeping everything perfect.


Tabs said...

what's his ring size? because my brother has his tungsten carbide floating around somewhere, completely unworn and still in the box with all the papers, and i know he'd sell it for like, $50.

let me know.

Emmalane said...

Don't know his ring size yet....whenever we get around to taking my band into to get sized down to match my e-ring we're going to size him then.

I'll let you know!