Friday, April 10, 2009


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I woke up thinking about Little One this morning. I don't know why....there weren't any strange dreams about her, she was just on my mind. I really try to not think about the situation with her too is so unfair and just plain not right. It really upsets me if I dwell on it for too long. Fiancé hasn't seen her since September of 2007, unless you want to count the day he went for the paternity test in August of 2008. He is such a great Dad and Little One is missing out on having him as a father along with being a part of a great extended family.

It really just breaks my heart that there is so little that can be done. Fiancé did what he could. He went and filed the paper work last April, he obtained an attorney, and now, almost a year later, nothing is resolved. The case was somehow terminated when Little One was moved out of state and since her mother was single when she was born, her mother has the right to do that. She has the right to keep a child from its father? A father that is willing to pay support and wants to be in his child's life? If said child's father was a drug addict or rapist I can see where this could apply, but said child's father is a good person....but that doesn't matter because they weren't married so he basically has no rights whatsoever, and the little he has, no one seems to care about.

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