Monday, April 27, 2009


As anti-bride as I have become....I'm beginning to be excited about the wedding for a few reasons. I am beginning to be excited to be the bride. Warning: gushing over love and wedding things follows, so if you can't stomach it right now, turn away.

Mostly, Fiancé and I have somehow evolved into this extremely functional-we-don't-fight-about-anything stage of our relationship even whilst planning the wedding. I'm not complaining or trying to toot my own horn, I'm just amazed to how this happened.

history: In our early years, we never fought about anything. We discussed a few times when there were slight he kept comparing me to his most recent crazy ex in front of people, and I just had to tell him, in private, this was not cool. I told him once and it never happened again. Once we moved in together, we went the first 6 months without any major problems...and then just an occassional growing pain type fight you encounter when you live with someone long term.
Now that we are approaching our two year mark on living together, becoming engaged and planning a wedding AND dealing with the usual problems with Kiddo's mom, we've had some shitty arguments. The last being in March, which was when I decided we were done arguing over anything wedding related. We would compromise or drop it, and I would stop pushing him about what he needs to do and just let him take care of things. He is responsible and if I don't bug him about it, he'll get it done sooner and not feel resentful about doing so.
We've been on this high since then....doing good things for each other and cooking together; overall just enjoying each other's company and appreciating each other. It's mushy-gushy type of stuff, but I can't get enough of it. I'm sure we'll do something in the next 4 months to ruin this, but hey, that's life.

The second reason for heightened excitement about the weddings is my shower is coming up soon...this means presents and cake and mimosas, oh my! I never had a birthday party growing family never had the money for all the crap that went with a kids birthday (decorations, favors for the other kids, etc...) so it was just a few gifts and a dinner out to Bill Knapp's with my grandparents since I shared my birthday with my grandpa and my mom's is two days later. I have been saying for a while now I'm only doing a shower because my mom didn't get to have a traditional one for my sister and since we registered for so much stuff it would be rude not to but I'm secretly excited about it. A whole party for meeeeeee! Where I get to be pretty and people will give me presents and I don't have to play the games (even though my girls have been forewarned about making the games as cool as possible, since I hate them) Shhh though, don't blow my cover, I have a reputation to uphold.

So in conclusion, my mood matches the weather today: gorgeous and sunshiny. Sorry if this post induced vomiting.

PS-It's Kiddo's Birthday today! Happy Birthday Kiddo, you are an amazing person, and are growing up into an awesome little woman!! xoxo


Tabs said...

not to be that girl, but ...

am i invited to your shower?

Emmalane said...

Ummm, YES!!! The invites haven't gone out yet due to my poor MOH working 40 hours a week and then going to school from 6 to 9:30 Monday thru Thursday, plus planning her own wedding, but I finally got her everyone's addresses last week, so they should be in the mail in the next week or so.

You's crazy to think otherwise!