Thursday, April 9, 2009


To get back on the right track, you have to get out of the old rut.

I am climbing out of the rut, so to speak. I will do this. I will feel good about myself and my body and I WILL start moving more every day.

There, I blogged it, so it must come true...right?

Sometimes I think the hardest part of this whole weight loss thing for me is, I haven't been a thin person since I was about 6 years old. I have no recent memories of being in good shape, besides when I was this time last year which was when I hit a plateau and stopped losing. I was working out 4 to 5 times a week then, and I'm not working out at all these days, so I'm hoping that will boost things.

It is just very hard to do the whole visualization thing when I don't really know what I am going to look like. I don't have a "skinny picture" to use as motivation. Plus I'm afraid if I try and do this, I'm going to visualize myself too thin and never reach that mental image.

All I really want is to be happy in a swim suit....and I'm not talking a bikini or anything...I doubt I could achieve that type of body without a trainer and working out 3 hours a day. I'm not striving for perfection here...just comfortable in my own skin. Which I can do.


Tabs said...

so we may not be as able to work out together anymore, but we could certainly keep tabs on one another. like you make sure i work out however many times a week i set as a goal, and i do the same for you.

for example, i did my gabby reece dvd yesterday, and that's about 30 mins. you can hold me responsible for that a couple of times a week.

your turn. :)

Emmalane said...

That is a good idea :)

I went for a 45 minute walk around town yesterday and weather permitting, I want to try and do so at least 4 times a week (my week runs Wednesday to Wednesday, cause that when my meetings are).

Hopefully I grow a pair and go to the gym at work soon...but I still haven't and I've been saying I was going to go for a while now...

Hurray for interweb-exercise-support systems.

And if you don't have time to blog about things...just reply to me on twitter with your activity and I'll do the harrass you about it there as well, haha.

Tabs said...

i almost like the twitter idea better.

i'll have more concrete workout plans once i get the OK from the dr.