Monday, January 25, 2010


Here I am a short 5 months ago, rockin' my wedding dress and looking quite svelte ( for me at least).

Saturday was my own personal body image D-Day. The dress ordered back in September for my bestie's (seen above as the best MOH evar) wedding in May came in and we were going to pick it up. Would it zip? Wouldn't it? I was quite anxious.

Then it zipped. Hurrah! Could I sit and breathe at the same time in it? Definitely not! But
I am beginning damage control on this issue this week, and I have 4 months to drop approximately 15 to 20 pounds lest I want to stand the entire evening of her nuptials. I'm acquiring a treadmill in the next week or so and the morning usage will begin. I have a good feeling about things, and I'm going to try and stay optimistic. I know from past experience the first thing to ruin my motivation and determination when it comes to weight loss is when I get inside my head and set up proverbial pessimistic camp. That is not an option.

And for some unknown reason, I am super excited to get a treadmill and use it every morning. Weeeeee!

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