Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walk it out.

Today began my "park farther away and walk more, fatty" campaign. This consists of parking in a bigger lot which is a bit farther away than one I've been parking in since winter hit. (I apologize for the less than clever name). I decided its not too frigid outside and hopefully it pays off a bit in the long run. My longtime best friend is getting married on May 15th no matter the size of my arse, but I would really prefer to not have to pay to have the dress I ordered 4 months ( and about 20 pounds) ago altered. Plus I'm the Matron (I REALLY hate that word, it makes me feel so....old.) of Honor, so I was to look extra nice since I'm the Bride's right hand lady. Husband is getting on track with me with the healthy eating as well. He wants us to cut out bread and pasta for starters and see how it works. I'm all about trying anything, so once all the bread in our house is gone, I won't be replenishing the reserves.

I (finally!) began using my Bare Minerals make-up yesterday. It is pretty much amazing and doesn't feel like make up at all, which is perfect since my #1 reason I usually go without anything besides moisturizer with SPF and if I'm feeling saucy, some eye stuff, is I hate the way make up feels. Now I can have a pretty even complexion without the ick factor most foundations give me. I have definitely seen a difference and I feel better inside and out because of this. Sociology taught me that we perceive ourselves how we think people perceive us (the looking-glass self, anyone? Charles Horton Cooley perhaps? Bueller? Man I miss school...) and it may be very superficial, but when I feel pretty on the outside, it helps me feel better about myself in my head.

Now if the eating and movement changes I'm putting into action stick, I may just be on the road to a new and improved me. Here's hoping.

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