Monday, January 11, 2010

All Before 9am

My list of accomplishments:

Successfully made two trips halfway down the (snow covered) stairs before going back up due to forgotten things.

Fell down half the stairs with my car key in hand (can't be attached to wad 'o keys, so its just a little VW key rectangle) making the key go flying into the snow (approx 6 to 8 inches) where it (hopefully) is still residing.

Realized I don't have a spare key since I bought my car used and the dealer wasn't given one from the past owners.

Changed into black dress pants that are about a half size too small, since the pants I was wearing got wet and my other ones that fit are dirty.

Woke my husband up crying hysterically about how I needed him to get up and help me look for said key along with grumbling to him about my fall and how I plan on calling the landlord and asking if the steps are getting re-done when we get our deck built in the spring, since I've fallen down them twice since we moved there in December of 2008.

Realized my work keys are hanging from my rear view mirror, in my car, who's key is somewhere in the snow behind my apartment.

It was a productive morning, to say the least, but damn my ass hurts.

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