Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So it begins. Again.

It's official. I'm looking for a new job.

It is the least I can do while I trudge along in my miserable existence at my current place of employment. Please do not think I am not grateful that I even have a job right now, because I am, but I am also becoming increasingly unhappy where I'm at as each day passes. It is not a fulfilling job and I would really like to find something I enjoy doing at least half of the time, so we can maybe figure out where to look for a house AND so I can stop falling down the stairs of our second floor apartment before I break a hip or something.

I do not miss is formatting the old resumé. Or coming up with concise things to say in a cover letter. Or attempting to guess exactly what they want to see in my objective line but I will at least try, because then I can bitch about how I can't find a new job, instead of about how much I dislike the one I already have. Everybody wins!

To all you 20somethings still plugging away at your undergrad, NEVER LEAVE COLLEGE. It's a huge scary world out here, where student loans go into repayment, cars break down, taxes get WAY more confusing than they already are, and you can't even drown your sorrows beginning on Thursday night because:
1. you have to work on Friday, every Friday, and if you mysteriously always call off, they will catch on eventually
2. your body can't handle drinking like that anymore for one night, let alone a weekly 3 night bender. Now sporadic weddings and friends birthdays leave you feeling like death for the following two days and last but not least
3. You are generally more tired than ever before in your life. Probably because you work at a job you pretty much hate and its sucking the very life out of you one painful 8 to 5 work day at a time.

But hey, at least my car insurance is cheaper! (by about $20. Seriously.)


Today is one of those days I feel like I am 25 going on 50. I had a dentist appointment. I found a new guy, closer to where I live. I should probably mention I've been putting off finding a new guy for some time. Like a year. And a half.

So anyways, I went in for the preliminary stuff...x-rays and the like. I come to find out this dentist is ridiculously thorough. 18 x-rays, a dental exam and a periodontal exam later I find out I need at least two root canals and crowns and possibly another root canal and blah blah blah and a whole bunch of other things that I don't even know how to pronounce. So he advises I come in for a cleaning next week, and then we go from there, prioritizing the most urgent stuff first.

Thanks Mom and Dad for craptastic mouth genes (hey if you can't blame your parents, who can you blame?) If you know me, you know I'm pretty religious about my brushing and flossing. All I can hope for is they give me the giggle gas and send me home with some sort of Rx for a nice pain killer to help me forget the awful parts...since all the crap I need done will most likely NOT be able to be done all at once.

Being a grown up isn't really all its cracked up to be. Trust me.

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