Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well Crap.

I've already blown my 365 posts in 2010 goal I set up, but yesterday was especially craptastic, so there's my excuse for not writing. Someone (either me or my HR department at work) ty-poed a 2 as my allowances on a tax form, and so the tax fairy will not be leaving me a surprise this year, I will actually have to pay her. Life goes on, and I'm going to correct the mistake today, so my deduction is "correct" (because I TOTALLY know the correct percentage of my paycheck the Federal Government should get, being a Sociology Major in my undergrad definitely taught me that. Can you feel the sarcasm? Good.)

The upside is since I got married last year, Husband and I can file together so I won't owe anything, he'll just get less, which cuts out the waiting for his return so we could turn around and pay what I owe. Whoever said money can't solve problems was rich and stupid. We had sort of been relying on a good refund this year, but I guess that's why I shouldn't assume things. Lesson learned.

In other news, its snowing. Past New Year's, unless snow gets me a day off work, I could really careless about it. Can we please fast forward to Spring now?

Happy Tuesday.

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