Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh the irony.

It's been snowing off and on for the past couple weeks and the weathermen predict anywhere from 2 to 4 more inches by tomorrow, so why oh why does my favorite place in the world to shop (Target of course) have SWIM SUITS for sale?! I gave them a pass on the Valentine's Day crap all throughout the store, since it is the next major holiday our capitalistic, materialistic country thrives upon, but seriously, four days after Christmas (which was when I witnessed this insanity at Target) no intelligent woman wants to be thinking about swim suit season. I personally don't want to be thinking about Valentine's Day either....besides that it was my great Uncle Bob's Birthday.

After Christmas time is somewhat depressing on its own. You know you've packed on at least 5 pounds from all the delicious yet fattening things you eat, there is always that one gift you regret not buying that one person (for me, it was not gifting nearly as many wedding photos as I had originally planned, oh the guilt!) and snow isn't magical anymore, its just plain annoying. Now they (the man of course) want me to think about being almost naked whilst those parts of my body are pasty and gross? I think not.

Perhaps these early as can be swim suits for sale are geared towards tiny college girls who will be embarking upon spring break at the end of March, but still, 4 days after Christmas people?! Really?

Instead, I'm focusing on making it through the crappy part of Ohio winter, where every other night I hope that if it snows, it will be enough to merit NOT going into work.

In conclusion (yeah, my writing skills are not what they used to be) I still love my Target, and will continue to shop there faithfully, but really have to shake my fist at them about swimsuits for sale in Ohio. *Shakes fist furiously*

The end.

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