Monday, May 4, 2009


This completely ruins my anonymity of this blog....IF anyone who knows me in real life besides the one follower I have (love ya tabs!) e-stalks me, which they probably don't.....if you do, speak up! I'd love to feel loved :) Oh and hopefully no one steals my identity...but it doesn't matter too much, since my legal name will change in August anyway and I will continue to be Emmalane for all intents and purposes on Blogger....I digress....on with ink:

Sorry for the craptastic image camera on my cell sucks. This is forever on in the inside of my left wrist because, forever, no matter what my legal last name may be, I'll be Melampy. I have no reservations about changing my name after I'm married, but before Fiancé I didn't really think I would ever meet someone and get married and on the off chance I did, I would be keeping my name or hyphenating. Fiancé's last name pretty much awesome, therefore I take it with great happiness...if he were a Miller or a Jones I don't know if I could do that messed up?

On a somewhat related topic: this weekend was great. We had Kiddo's birthday party Saturday and then Sunday we took her to get a skateboard with some of her birthday money (per her request) and then to the park to try it out. We took a bazillion photos and I'll post a few later in the week if I think about it...she did so well learning the basics and looked adorable the whole time too. I truly hope she isn't being told bad things about me...I have no control over what her mother tells her so there is no telling how things will be in the future. She is such a great kid and she is smart too, so I hope she can see I adore as much as one can a step-child....which I think is just as much as if she was my own....but I don't have my own so I truly don't know. All I know is, I love her father like he's the last man on Earth and she is so much HIS child it is impossible to not adore her.

It's Monday Morning, bitches, and I plan on going at this week balls to the wall to get it over with and make it to another weekend cause that's what I work for right now. Someday I'll figure out the career thing, maybe, but for now, I'm loving every minute of my life besides work, and that's okay with me.

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