Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last week's list:
Excerise every day. I did the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and cleaned Friday and Saturday plus we got a Wii Fit and I played with it on Saturday and Sunday so I suppose I fulfilled this.
Write down everything I eat. Epic Fail on this. Have to try and do better this week. The weekends kill me every week lately.
Clear my head before bedtime. Tried to do this, and when I did, my dreams weren't crazy.
Not worry over things I cannot control. This is on an going battle, which I did try extra hard to do, and I really "lived in the moment" more than usual this past weekend. Wow, that's corny.

This week:
-Go buy myself something to wear for my Shower coming up at the end of the month.
-Get MOH the few addresses I forgot to include as shower invite people...oops!
-Possibly schedule hair appointment, IF the money is there for such a thing right now.
-Enjoy my new tattoo :)

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