Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two-for Tuesday

Inspired by my gorgeous friend Tabatha and her Totally Awkward Tuesdays, here is a glimpse inside my awkward childhood.

It's 8th grade (circa 1997/1998) and I'm at a party for a good friend's birthday. It is at a large apartment complex's "Clubhouse" in my hometown. There are both boys and girls there, plus, my friends cool older sister was chaperoning instead of her mom, she was probably 20something at this time.

So there is an L shaped couch in a sitting area and after a while, everyone seems to be gathering there. The couch was full, so one girl was sitting on the triangular glass topped coffee table with a wooden frame (remember those?) in front of it and told me to sit down next to her...I was hesistant, because

1. I was a chubby child and

2. Was taught to never sit on a glass table. Ever. Not because I was a chub, but just because its never a good idea.

I did anyways since the boy I thought was a cute was sitting there as well. The girl that was sitting with me, gets up and I start to do the same, and crash, I've fallen through the table. Everyone but one girl (I remember it to this day, because she was the only one who asked if I was okay) was in hysterics, laughing their asses off. My friend who's birthday it was followed me as I ran into the bathroom in pure awkward, adolescent, embarrassment and preceded to scream at me about how I'll be paying for it if they charge her sister and blah blah blah. It was awkward and awful. I ripped a small hole in the butt of my jeans and was mortified by whole thing, but I was okay. Birthday girl's sister even told me its alright and that they probably got the table at a garage sale. I think she felt bad because of everyone laughing plus her little sister going postal on me about things.

The story still comes up occassionally to this day, and I've gotten to the point to be able to laugh at it, but its taken many years.

Now for something completely different....this week's To-Do List:

1. Get invites printed! Pricing at Kinko's is way cheap, so we're moving forward with it.
2. Plan and execute the most budgeted trip to the grocery ever, since we have very little money until we both get paid again on the 29th.
3. Call and schedule a hair cut for the 30th in the AM
4. Being work on lit review for Master's Thesis, woo woo!
5. Love the weather and hang outside more.

Happy Tuesday.

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mylittlebecky said...

that is awful! and a good reason never to listen to people. :)