Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My pal Tabs gave me this pretty:

and tagged me to create a "favorite seven things" so here goes (in no particular order)

1. Fiancé. He truly is my penguin aka lobster aka soul mate and ying to my yang.
2. Sleeping on freshly laundered sheets.
3. Giggling babies....they are infectous and you can't help but giggle with them.
4. The post-workout high. It is what keeps me coming back to the gym every day lately.
5. Lazy Sundays.
6. Chipotle....its like heaven in American-Mexican food form (to me at least).
7. Clothes shopping for Kiddo...I can't seem to buy myself much of anything these days, but I love buying her clothes.

I'm supposed to tag other peeps to do the same...but I'm pretty much a loser and only have the one follower who is the person who tagged any secret stalkers out there feel free to make yourself known and post your 7 favorite things in a comment.

Coming up later: This week's To-Do list.

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