Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm having a "blogdenity" (hah!) crisis and decided to go for a fresh approach. It's white..reminds me of freshly laundered things and cleanliness.

Maybe it will procure more readers? Anyone?

Bueller?? Bueller???

Oh well, I like it more this way. Hopefully my one follower enjoys the change too.


Tabatha said...

... it's okay. ;)

i liked that banner you had of the messed up sign from forever ago.

and you know i redid my blog layout, right? i could easily do the same for you, if you wish. or not, i'm impartial.

Emmalane said...

Yeah...part of my urge to change came from your redo.

I was actually thinking about the sign banner today...and I think I'm going to dig it up and see how it goes with the whiteness.

I'll let you know if I want to put you to work on things in the near future though :)

We need a grown up girl-date soonish.

Tabatha said...


Sweet Lorraine said...

This is actually the same blogger theme that I started with. My blogdentity crisis took me in the direction of something a li'l less austere, but I enjoyed the minimalist bridal look while I had it!

Also, hello from the OBBT!