Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Busy-ness.

I headed to my hometown Friday after work for a planning meeting/dinner about my wedding shower coming up at the end of the month. It was fun and my Maid of Honor/bff, sister and mom along with my sister's awesomely helpful best friend figured out who would bring what food-wise. There will be mimosas involved, I'm uber excited about that tidbit.

We also talked decorations. I suggested two options since I'm not too thrilled with having a shower at all:

1. Balls to the wall-overdone-wedding shower decorations. I wasn't ever the girl who *knew* she would get married someday, so I thought we could really own it and just go all out getting any and every wedding decoration we could find.


2. Make it a literal shower theme. Rubber duckies, soap-on-a-rope, shower caps (?) and things of that nature. This will probably take a bit more creativity.

I think more people will "get" the shower theme, although the guest list is mostly good friends of mine, and the few family members I've invited have a good sense of humor, so I'm really only in danger of confusing/offending the two elderly women who will be there: my grandma and my great aunt. I don't want them to think I don't take marriage seriously, because I do, I just don't buy into all the traditional crap that is expected of me/us since we are planning our wedding.

The overdone wedding decor option would probably be easier and cheaper.

Anyone have any opinions on either?

*EDIT* I just thought of another option:

3. get some candles and three or four bunches of wildflowers they sell at grocery stores and just decorate with those. I don't know if I want any cheesy decorations at all...its just that the place the shower is at is an apartment club house type place, not someone's home, so I felt like it needs something. This option is a bit more will end up being more eco-friendly because all those cheap decorations won't be purchased then thrown away. Plus we could gather cloth picnic style tablecloths (think colorful plaids, not gingham) to use...I know my mom and sister have some. I've been asked (nicely) to butt out I'm overly involved with the planning of the shower because I feel bad for my best friend/maid of honor. She works 40 hours a week as a paralegal, goes to school full time at night AND is in the beginning stages of planning her own wedding. I trust her, I just don't want her to stress too much.
This option will most likely happen.

I went dress shopping Saturday with her, she's getting married a year from this Saturday and is having a hell of a time finding her dress. She wears the size of most sample dresses, so everything fits and she's 5'9 with curves in all the right places so everything looks fabulous to boot. I told her to not think about it for a day, and then look at the pictures we took and go from there.

It's funny we both ended up engaged and planning weddings at the same time...but we're going for two completely different types of weddings, hers a bit more streamlined and mine a bit more quirky. This pretty much sums us up as people too but that is why we are such good friends...we are different people but love each other for it.

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