Monday, March 2, 2009


Ohio is known for its insane weather and it is living up to its reputation lately. So warm and nice for two days last week and now its frigid again but supposed to be 60 degrees by Friday. If I don't get pneumonia I might get to enjoy the warm days this week.
All that crap about the cold being more annoying as you get older is so true as well. It makes my knees ache. Probably not a good sign at 24 to have achy joints. Its like I'm 24 going on 65. Everytime I talk about the weather I can't help but remember one of my professors telling me how she thinks it is a midwestern thing. She lived in the Southwest for a long while and it was one of the first things she noticed when she came to Ohio...just a regional difference she observed.
They probably don't talk about it because the weather doesn't vary too much in the Southwest, so there isn't much to discuss. Or because we're all farmers in the midwest so we care about the weather more. Riiiiiight.

Unrelatedness: Today when I woke up I was having a dream about the wedding invites. I was freaking out because they were white, and like most other things related to the wedding, I'm subbing ivory for white....I'm working with earthy, warm colors and white just doesn't fit into that for me.

The most annoying thing about these random wedding -related dreams is I have them about things I've already taken care of. We have all the materials for the invites. My sister gave me 50 blank ivory with response cards left over from hers and then she found the ones we liked from Target on clearance for $12.50 and bought them for me and then refused to let me pay her back. Since Fiance is a graphic designer, he's going to create something for the blank ones and format the designed already ones and they are taken care of.

I can not seem to fully wake today. I've had the coffee but I still feel like a cranky kindergartener ready for nap time...where's my blankie, I need to go night-night.

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