Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crafty time.

Thank goodness I have people who love me enough to help!
The two types of centerpieces:
They will each have three tea lights around them as well....estimated total cost for materials to make 7 of each: $50

My bouquet:

I'm very proud to share I found these little wreaths at Micheals that we took apart and are the orange and green and brown stick thingies...I may not be able to assemble things, but I had a vision and my sister's friend executed it for me.
The girls bouquets all look like this:

They have gold sparkly swirly things sticking out of them, just hard to see in pictures. Estimated total cost of bouquets, man-flowers and corsages for moms and the two g-mas: $50

I purchased the after-wedding vacation airfare yesterday. Two people flying from Ohio to Orlando, nonstops both ways: $354.40. Thank you Airtran. Oh and we don't have to sit by strangers. It was $24 extra dollars, but I think it was very well spent...and I get the window cause Fiance doesn't care, woo!
I revised the ceremony wording a bit and outlined the processional and recessional as well as made a rough outline for the reception. I think I may have the most organized DIY wedding ever. Thank you slight OCD tendencies. The ceremony still isn't perfect, but I'm going to show it to Fiance soon and see what he thinks.

I'm actually getting things done, woo-hoo.

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