Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I should have called in Irish...

My friend who is having a party today/tonight wanted me to tell my work its a cultural holiday for me. Since I'm not a religous person AND I work with three men who happen to be Muslim so they take all the religious holidays, I actually thought about trying to bow out early. Even if I get most Christian holidays....buuuut, Fiance and I are going to a NHL hockey game tomorrow night, so I might have to try and play that card then. Who knows. If I would have planned better, I would have called in sick today and at least gotten to get swasted during the day...even if I have to work tomorrow (I have to give two tests and would probably get reprimanded for not coming in).

I began my day by attempting to rip off my plastic-as-hell bumper on a concrete parking block at work. Then I furthered the excitement of the day by leaving my cell in Fiance's car (he came to McGuyver that shit for me, once we ran to the store for zip ties) thus cutting me off completely to the world, besides the interweb. If the network goes down, I may cease to exist.

Isn't it funny how we have come to validate our lives through internet networking sites and text messaging. We are in almost constant contact with people, or if nothing more, a phone call away. It feels funny to not have my phone, even though it rarely rings between 8 and 5 weekdays.

Sláinte and drive safe, whatever you do tonight...

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