Thursday, February 19, 2009


The stupid wedding is inflitrating my sweet slumber....along with other things.

I was in the middle of some dream about flowers last night when Fiance awoke me with a different thing in mind completely. It was weird. I was confused. For a moment reality and dream worlds overlapped and there was rolling about in flowers. I'll leave it at that.

Why am I am dreaming about flowers? I mean, I've never been into them before. I find myself gravitating towards earthy colors and nature patterns on home decor, but never in the froo-froo way. More in the two-toned, outline of nature style, but now I'm dreaming about which flowers to pick for the day I get married?

What makes it worse is how I decided two days ago to not even use real flowers. I'm allergic and they are expensive.

The wedding is like a disease!

Completely unrelated: I changed my bloggy's look. I decided it was time to shake things up.

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