Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He makes me so crazy sometimes.

We are spending money and looking nice for our wedding day and for some reason, he has some huge fucking problem with telling people what I don't want them to wear to an event WE are paying for to celebrate OUR fucking wedding.

"I just don't want people to think they are coming to an uptight wedding"

Telling them they can't wear jeans, shorts or sleeveless shirts if they are a guy is not telling them what to wear, its telling them to not look like they are going to a fucking bar for a night of drinking.  I don't feel like that makes us seem uptight at all, I think it just tells them we are trying to be a bit classy.

Because honestly the reason I did that question/answer for the FAQ in the first fucking place is because of all the goddamn band/bar type people HE'S INVITING.  They are the reason I'm worried about space....most of them I could care less about sharing our day with because I barely know them.  They are the reason I'm worried things will get broken because they will get shitfaced and stupid. They are the eye sores I do not want to fucking look at the day I get married nor do I want in pictures.

But being the good partner I am, I keep such thoughts inside because they are his friends and I take him as is, icky gross friends and all.

He just keeps throwing these random objections at me....things I never think he wouldn't be okay with he has huge problems with.  Other things he is either on board for or just plain doesn't care either way.

I'll say it again: Boo wedding planning.

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