Friday, February 13, 2009


It's Friday the 13th yo.

Guess who got 3 pretty pink roses from her Fiance?? I did :D I'd never recieved a flower delivery before and it has really made my day awesome. Plus my brother is in town and he is going to come up and ride along with me to Fiance's band's show tonight. It should be some quality family time. What a great day.

Oh plus I made this guy to try and see how the ladies and I will look for the wedding:

MOH in the strapless gold, sister BM in sleeveless tank and friend BM in halter. I think it just may work. We may even try to find matching fabric to tie gold sashes on the brown dresses and brown sashes on the gold dress and on me.

Yay for life on this sunny February day.

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