Friday, February 6, 2009

Boo Wedding Planning.

Women who enjoy planning their wedding are crazy in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, there have been a few times things have been fun to plan/organize, but as of late, its nothing more than a huge pain in the ass that is making me crabby and overly worried and anxious.

It is so hard for me to remember what I really want is the most important thing because I do value certain people's opinions and when certain people react badly to things I thought they would be supportive about I get so pissed. And worried. And upset.

And then there is Fiance, who is pretty much clueless to the whole evil Wedding Industrial Complex, and he just doesn't get how there are expectations for what I am supposed to want and not want and what "we have to do" just because we are getting married. He doesn't get it.

He has a brilliant idea that I love which will cut our food cost in half: order pizzas and subs from the two places in town and we can DIY salad, cheese, olives and pickles from GFS. It is totally "us" because we aren't fancy people and who doesn't love pizza? People have been pissing all over this idea left and right before they even let me finish explaining how it is going to be done.

Like I would just throw 25 pizzas, still in their boxes, on a buffet table and holler "c'mon git it!" SERIOUSLY.

There will be a lovely pre-set up buffet table, with heat lamps for the pizzas, and definitely with some sort of platters to put on and take them out of the boxes. There will be a "Pizza buffet coordinator" or two. There will be a mini salad bar type thing, with breadsticks and sub sandwiches for those not wanting pizza. And there will be some awesome pizzas made with whole grain wheat crust and organically grown local veggies pizza for those wanting a heatlhier pizza option (ie: MEEEEE). Just because we want to serve pizza doesn't mean it has to look cheap or taste like greasy goodness. I mean, some of it will be your staples, but the other half will be veggie awesomeness.
No one lets me explain all this before completely shutting me down. It's really irritating. And it really only makes me want to do it EVEN MORE to prove them all wrong. Especially my mother. She says, "Pizza? I don't think so. but its your day, do whatever you want but you would have to have a really good salad for people like me...not just some lettuce in a bowl!"

Ah, man, because I was totally going to just put some plan lettuce in a huge ass bowl for people to eat at my freaking wedding. Damn it Mom, I'm not a freaking idiot.

We're trekking to IKEA tomorrow (my mom, her friend and my sister) and I am hoping to not even talk about food for the wedding at all. I just don't want to discuss it anymore for a while.

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