Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soup but no Spoon.

I have a cold/sinus/allergy thing going on. I have little to no appetite so I brought soup to eat for lunch. I don't have a freaking spoon though. That pretty much sums up my day.

I have been trying to be in a not crap mood, but I don't feel good. Originally, I was going to get license plates for my car and to the bank on my lunch break, then I remembered its Tuesday and that I had to go talk to the florist. It went well, and compared to "the standard" the price isn't horrid, but compared to our budget, it is a lot of money. I thought we may be able to make it work.

Then I made the mistake of calling Fiance and telling him. Lately I've been worried about money a lot, so when I told him how much the flowers would be, he got pissy saying things like you can't worry about money so much and then want to spend that on flowers. He doesn't get how it could still work, or how compared to an "average" wedding, this is nothing all he sees is things with the word "wedding" attached to it makes them ridiculously overpriced and it pisses him off. He sort of yelled at me, which prompted me to say,
"I don't know what I was thinking, I shouldn't have even called you about this, I'll just call my sister..." which in turn made him realize he was being mean.
I wanted to cry, since I feel like crap and now he's yelling at me and telling me "its not that hard, why don't you just buy real flowers and make them the day of" I told him that really isn't an option since I don't want to worry about it the day of the wedding, plus I'm hopelessly un-crafty so unless he wants to do it, I'll just do fake flowers and make them well in advance with the help of my sister, MOH and BM.
Real flowers are dumb anyway, they die and I'm slightly allergic to them. Maybe I'll even do something fun with feathers...who knows.

We registered Saturday night. That was fun. Oh and my dress is ordered and paid for in full. Woo for that...and I paid a large chunk of my ring off yesterday. Sucks because it was using our tax refunds, but whatever.

I hope the rest of today goes quickly. Now I'm going to try and eat my soup with a fork :/


Tabs said...

okay, obligatory.

where did you go for your flowers, what do you want, and what did they quote you?

what's the vision?

i've been allergy-sick too. it blows. at least you're not huge pregnant. :)

Emmalane said...

I went to the florist in YS and I only had her quote bouquets for me and my girls so one bigger and 3 smaller, 4 corsages for moms and g-mas and then 11 men flowers (can't spell it and don't want to try) and it was about $240. I know that isn't bad, but he just doesn't get it. My bouquet was going to be lillies, and everything else was going to be alstromerias' in fallish/warm colors. I don't mind making them with fake...I'll get exactly what I want and it will be taken care of way in advance.

Not much longer in the huge-prego department for you though :)
Hang in there...I can't wait to meet him!

Tabs said...

umm, okay, for perspective for him -- our flowers were a little over a grand, and that was mostly centerpieces and my bouquet. 240 is doable and more than resonable.

but if you need help just getting the flowers and making bouquets yourself or doing fake or whatever, you know where to find me (and my little martha stewart of a husband is actually quite good at flower arranging ... )

i hope you feel better soon. i've been a bit icky too with the weather & allergies and the pregnant, so i feel you.