Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work it, girl.

I weighed in yesterday, which was Day 7 of 30 Day Shred for me. I had to skip Monday due to eyeball malfunction and I skipped Saturday because of work and my niece's first birthday party. Even with missing these two days there has definitely been progress. 1.5 pounds lost in seven days. Woo-freaking-hoo!

I'm still on Level One, but I can feel such a difference in my endurance. I am doing the more advanced moves on at least half of the stuff that has beginner modifications and I switched from 3 pound weights to 5. I never even used 3 pound weights before when working out, but I wanted to ease into the 5 pounders because of all the stuff I read about 30 Day Shred making you more sore than you've ever been in your life. To that, all I have to say is, yes I was pretty sore for a couple days, but I don't know if its because I've done a similar workout in the recent past or what, but it wasn't that bad. Or I just think its worth it more? Who knows.

Diet-wise, I have been using the My Fitness Pal App on my iphone to count calories. I try to make good decisions and eat healthy. When we have a busy day and end up getting pizza for dinner, I keep it in check at very least.

I feel great so far, and Jillian Michaels is easy to tune out after you have heard her say the same thing 7 days in a row.

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