Friday, April 23, 2010

Words on Weddings.

Tomorrow is the opening day for my 2010 Wedding Season. It will be the first wedding I"ve attended since we got hitched back in August. Before I was married (and actually before I even met my husband) I discovered weddings make me cry. At least, when I know the people well, which is the case of EVERY wedding I have this year. I really hope I can keep my shit together at Bff's wedding in May, since you know, I'm the Matron (uggggghhhh I really don't like that word) of Honor and blubbering like a baby as the vows are being said would probably be mortifying. I'm thinking some respectful, joyous tears would be perfect, but we'll see how that goes.

I didn't cry nearly as much as anticipated at my own wedding. My eyes were dry as a bone when my husband and I did our pre-ceremony pictures (whereas he was quite surprisingly was so endearing), I had one moment walking down the aisle, and a bit of a moment during my vows, but nothing major. I save those for other people's weddings I guess. Oh and once we were in Florida, the night after the wedding and I got on Facebook (we are nerds and don't leave home without our MacBook) and forgot I had changed my name on their the night of the wedding, I burst into tears, happy-yet-sad, exhausted tears.

Now, to make the husband dance with me or not tomorrow...that is the question :)

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