Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TAT: Totally Awkward Tuesday Job-Hunting Style

Hello lovelies! This is Totally Awkward Tuesdays, hosted by the genius TovaDarling and introduced to me by my pal Tabulous, both of which you should check out, along with all the other TAT's on Tova's page.

Today I will share with you my most awkward job interview moment (thus far I should say, for I know I won't be rockin' the job I'm at now for eternity and let's face it: job interviews are much like a majority of first dates: awkward at best).

But I, like usual, digress...

It was nearing the end of last summer and I had been on a few interviews prior but hadn't landed my first "grown up" job. The interview was actually a second interview with a small private university for an admissions counselor position. I was pretty excited about the job, especially since the school that eventually becomes my employer was taking eons to get back to me and it was nice to have another option. this interview there is the Director of Admissions who had been present in my first interview with them. He is about 28 I would guess and there was also the Dean of Students or some other executive-type-higher-ed-40-something-man-guy (yeah I said man-guy, like a guy barely 40 who is still hanging on to his 30s type) too.

I was being my charming self and it was more like we were having a conversation than doing an interview, although I would tie back whatever we were discussing to how much I love working in higher ed (I worked on campus the entire time throughout my college career, both undergrad and graduate school) and lots of other BS to make myself sound nice...most of it is true, I do love working in higher ed, but you know how interviews are ;)

As we nearing the end, I asked what kind of time line they were on, (basically to see how long it would be before I was offered the job or not) and Dean of Students Man-Guy starts rambling about how long things take and the bursts out with "Oh! I wanted to tell you, because I totally forgot to tell the last person we interview with, we do a background check, but not a drug screen!" then he smiles really big and pauses.......and I had to choke back a nervous laugh just because it completely threw me...did he say that to see if I would react? Why would he tell me that at all? Is this 40-something-man-guy a stoner? Really??

Did they think if I wouldn't have passed a drug screen, I would have rejoiced in front of them thus giving away how I am a drug abuser looking to infiltrate their small university? (Side Note: I will admit, at one time in my life I would have not passed, but at the time of this interview I definitely would have but my past just made this more awkward and hilarious all at once.)

I played it off, and said, "Oh, okay"and politely smiled.

They offered me the job about a week later...but my present employer offered me way more money to turn them down. At least I got an awesome/awkward interview story out of it!

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Just Add Walter said...

that is awkward... you played it off well!!