Friday, July 10, 2009

Adventures in Wedding Planning.

On Wednesday morning, after I called the store my wedding dress had been ordered from, Sharnett Bridal and Prom, getting a busy signal on numerous attempts, I found this article telling me the store had closed/gone out of business.

The "ship date" for my dress given to me by Sharnett (on February 14 when I paid in cash, in full) was today, July 10, 2009. After leaving a voicemail on the shop owner's cell phone and sending an email with more than enough information and not getting a response to either, I contacted the designer of my dress directly. They told me my dress was ordered, made and ready to go, but never paid for. I had already given Sharnett my money, and now I was going to have to pay AGAIN to have them ship it to me.

There is an internet bridal gown business based out of a nearby town who is offering any bride who paid in full at Sharnett half off any dress they have in stock and their prices are already way lower because they cut out the middle part of buying the dress. They were absolutely wonderful people. They were my best dress buying experience that I wasn't even supposed to have.

So here is my new and improved wedding dress.....

please excuse my face in this picture...I was very tired of standing at this point

And if by some chance stroke of luck my original dress appears on my doorstep (which I'm not holding my breath, I was made to pay in cash, so all I have is my receipt for a paper trail and this woman has done this before) the place this dress is from will let me return it for a full refund. Oh and those little straps will most likely not be there...we were just trying them out but I don't think I like them at all.


LegalMist said...

The second dress is beautiful.

The first one was beautiful, too, but it sounds like it was not meant to be.

So sorry you got ripped off.

Buying the dress was my least favorite part of wedding planning. Most of the bridal shops are truly awful, and many of them are downright unethical. If I had it to do over again, I'd wear a pretty sundress and get married on the beach.

But the worst is done, and the rest will be a breeze, so enjoy your day!

Emmalane said...

Thanks for the support :)

Since writing this post, the owner closed shop has contacted me, but I missed it, and am still waiting on a return call.

I'm trying to keep a level head about things, but its been hard!