Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have some explaining to do, dear readers (all 4 of you....holla!!)

You see, I've been sort of lax on the blogging as of late. Mostly because I feel a very strong urge to bitch and moan every time I go to post something and I don't want to be a downer so I choose not to share on those particular days. Which lately, seems to be....well Every. Stinking. Day.

I need to get it out with it: (although I will try to see the silver lining and put a positive spin on things)

I am struggling with this mess of a day I am ready to take charge and the next I want nothing to do with it. I made a "everything left to do" list yesterday and its not awful, although the "things needing done that don't cost money" section is v. small, just like our bank account balance which in this case, is v. bad news, since just about everything we have left to do requires purchasing things.

I started working on my Master's Project again early last month but seem to have lost steam on that once again. My current excuse is, "my advisor is out of the state on vacation until July 20, so I can't do much more w/o consulting her" which is really, a load of crap...well, yes she really is on vacay, but I could be doing a lot on my own, I just choose not to. I know I'll finish, I just keep putting it off.

All the while I am trying with all my might to not worry incessantly about money. It is a HUGE problem for me...even when we have money, I worry about expensive "what if's" that could pop up. So I try and remember how most people don't have enough right now...and we both still have jobs and a place to live and cars that run and we are in love and getting hitched and we are really lucky to have each other.

So make me feel better today, lovelies....what is your biggest worry as of today, July 1st 2009? Sharing is fun...and it might make you feel a little bit better as well.


LegalMist said...

My biggest worry, no surprise, is money. I am an attorney, have my own law firm, but this economy has lots of my clients unable to pay their bills. So I've started requiring payment of fees in advance, which means lots of them don't hire me. Better to not do the work and not get paid than to do the work and not get paid, so that is why I ask for the advance fee.

But either way, I don't get paid, so then it is hard to pay my bills...

What I need are some wealthy clients!

Emmalane said...

When I got my job in September, I changed from going to graduate school full time and working on campus part time to working 40hr weeks and getting paid salary with benefits. I thought we were set money wise. Almost a year later, my salary isn't all that much after rent (we got a bigger place), car payments (my car crapped out in January) and the dreaded student loans which I started payments on in April.

Such is life though I guess!