Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need to organize....

...before my head explodes. Quick lil list of happenings and need-to-happen's:

1. Signed lease monday, get keys by Dec. 1st (possibly sooner), pay first month's rent and deposit by 1st to new landlord, pay pro-rated rent for Dec. to current landlord.
2. Sign paperwork/put in mail for car insurance/renter's insurance.
3. Call Father to arrange time to meet at title office to sign car over to me.
4. Drive to Kent State and back Thursday for work.
5. Attempt to finish data entry/begin to write project paper ASAP.
6. breathe.
7. Make sure all the bills are paid and we still have money to function on.
8. Call utilities and make sure they get turned off at current place on 13th/turned on in my name on the 1st at new place (or sooner, if we get in there sooner)
9. Not lose mind/have nervous breakdown.
10. Cancel cable until we move and re-establish account in BF's name so we can get a good deal.
11. Try and not wig out...because I know it won't help anything.....

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