Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love lists.

Things to accomplish in the next week:
1. Attempt to enjoying cooking/baking for Turkey Day
2. Possibly get keys to new place from new Landlord
3. Pack and move as much as possible on days off
4. Drive to far away small town to take care of some financial business with Bf
5. Enjoy the company of our families, no matter how different the experiences will be
6. Try and not feel like a failure/have a mini-crisis due to amount of time it is taking to finish Master's Project work

Things I'm looking forward to in the next month:
1. Moving into our new place
2. Painting the bedroom for Kiddo and Little One at the new place and possibly furnishing it with new pretty things
3. Buying normal sized pre-lit Christmas tree and decorating with Kiddo
4. the possibility of a proposal at any moment
5. apartment warming/bad Christmas sweater party that is TBA but totally happening
6. Seeing my brother
7. having more time off of work
8. Getting back into a healthy lifestyle.
9. Buying Christmas presents

Things I want for Christmas:
1. World Peace (totally for serious, I think war is pointless and dumb)
2. Someone to do all my moving for me. I am so excited to move, but the actual moving of things will not be fun.
3. Kiddo's mom to have a lobotomy and not be a crazy beeotch anymore (okay okay that is a bit extreme, but I wish she could at least get on some paxil or prozac or something)
4. A visit with Little One for Bf would be awesome, but there is little to no chance that will happen.

Places I would love to be right now: (just for fun)
1. On the beach in Hawaii
2. In a big snuggly bed with Bf with loads of movies at our finger tips
3. On a couch, in front of a lit fire place reading a great book
4. Having a late lunch with my bff talking about her/our wedding plans
5. Driving a new (to me at least, not brand new) VW Rabbit with a Manual Trans., and fully loaded accessories

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