Thursday, January 8, 2009


I came through Christmas and New Years only gaining 6/10 of a pound. Woo! That was me attending two Christmas family functions, celebrating our engagement impromptu style the night of with friends, partying with friends, getting pretty intoxicated on New Years Eve and then celebrating our engagement with the family all while not journaling.

I don't think that's so bad. The one shitty part is, last year I DID keep track and lost about 2 pounds but oh well. It's behind me now and I'm all about doing things the right way. I am going to work out with my WW buddy right after work tonight and will be doing so every Tuesday and Thursday. We also plan on getting a treadmill, but it may have to wait a bit longer since the engagement guitar threw off our fiances for the month.

Stress level is subdued as I am trying to not freak out over things I normally would. I refuse to spend my life in a constant state of panic, and there isn't much I can do about the things I worry so much about anyways.

Wedding planning is coming along. We have an appointment Saturday afternoon at 1 for the venue. Hopefully our date is available. If not, we'll work something out.

Yay for life. Time to work.

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