Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday: Horrors of the First Date(s)

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Fiancé and I have been together for going on 4 years at this point and we are pretty much 100% comfortable with each other, but it hasn't always been this way. We were once an awkward new couple with more nerve racking moments than I wish to recall, but there are a few I keep tucked away in my mind, because of sentimental value, even if they were mortifying to experience.

My favorite spans two nights: the night before and of December 31, 2005.

Fiancé convinced me to drive up to his band's show in a small town about an hour from where I lived on the 30th. I had done the same a week earlier with a friend along for our first official meeting, but Fiancé and I had met up a movie alone between these shows and emailed a bunch so I was feeling okay that he wasn't some pyscho killer at this point.

The whole evening was sort of was loud while the bands were playing so conversation was kept to a minimum, I think I was introduced to one of his brothers and then he got asked if I was "his woman" by an aquaintance and he jumped all over that, "oh no no, this is just a friend" (side note: he had just broke things off with someone, it was a very unhealthy relationship, and I knew about it and this guy thought I was her but it still confused the hell out of me)

At the end of the night, he walked me to my car...where I somehow mustered the courage to ask him what he was doing for New Year's Eve. He said he wasn't sure yet, but was getting over a bit of a cold and didn't feel like partying much so I told him if he wanted to just rent movies and hang out at my place, that would be cool. He said he would let me know and then there was a very awkward handshake/hug thing that happened next and then I was in my car, feeling both mortified and excited at the same time.

So he comes over the next night...I had gone and rented a horrible movie (I won't name names, but it sort of created what many call Brangelina) so we watch it...and then its almost Midnight. I insist I always have to see the ball drop, mostly because I want him to kiss me, and we flip over to Dick Clark, the ball drops annnnnnnd.......nothing. We both sheepishly look at each other, and say happy New Year and then step outside for a cigarette.

I'm very very confused at this point...He took me the movies, insisting he pay, hangs out with me at his band's show thing all night, but then freaks when I get called his woman, sits through an AWFUL movie with me on New Year's but doesn't kiss me at Midnight when I insist we watch the ball drop....? What gives?

We come back inside and I decided to see if he wanted to watch another movie, just to gage his reaction and he said sure, so I think of my most guy friendly movies, and I come up with Baseketball, (one of my all time favorites) and he tells me how much he loves that movie (score for me). So we watch the movie...nothing too exciting happens but then it is over, and its about 3am and he says he should probably head home.

I walk him to the door and then we stand there and I thank him for coming and hanging out and he said it was fun and then we are just staring at each other and I feel more embarrassed and awkward than I had in a very long time and then I just go in for it...and stand up on my tip toes (I'm 5'8 and he's 6'2) and kiss him real quick. He says,
"Well why didn't you do that at Midnight??" so I say, "Um, I don't know...I'm the girl!" and he says "hey, its the 20th Century" and then kisses me again, and it was great, and there were fireworks, but all I could think as soon as he left was, no, actually its the 21st Century.

To this day, I've never reminded him of his inaccurate reference to the century, mostly because its not something he would remember saying, but I always will.

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