Monday, June 1, 2009

Secrets, Secrets

post secret really spoke to me today with these two. Especially the second.
My own little secrets: I'm terrified of our money situation right now, I haven't done shit for my Master's Thesis since telling my advisor I want to finish up before August and the BIGGEST one: If one more person asks me "what my colors are" or talks about "MY big day" coming up, I think I might lose it. I HATE being the soon to be bride. I cannot wait for this wedding to be over and to be Mrs. H and be on the beach for a week with Mr. H.
Ahhhhh I feel better. Anyone need to leave a secret? Feel free ...anonymous or not.
Happy freakin' Monday. I'll try to post a blurb about the Wedding Shower and how things went later, but we'll see.

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