Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So it goes.

I had an epiphany driving home tonight. Let's back up; I was talking to the significant other about how complicated life has become. Things never seemed to be this confusing and everything used to be so black and white. Now it appears to me, there are a lot of different shades of grey and nothing is very simple. Maybe this explains excitement over the little things ie: a cheap utility bill, getting gas for cheaper in the AM before it goes up in the PM the very same day etc...

The more complicated one's life becomes, the more excited small doses of happiness can make them. (side note: when it all boils down, it depends on your disposition if you are going to let the small stuff matter or not) This makes sense to me...when your stress level is keeping you up at night, you'll take anything you can get to be happy about.

I feel as if I am a gerbil running on its spinning wheel and I can't get off.  I want to, I'm tired of running but the damn thing is going so fast.  Momentum is all that is keeping me going.
Man, I'm tired.

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